nicolas stagliano

// adept jibber-jabberer //


These are my internet rambles

This is where I document what I am thinking through ideologically. It is not intended for anyone to read, but I find that writing them to a blog helps me process. I hope it doesn't come across as pretentious. I am no philosopher, just an existentially paralyzed insomniac.

I am always on the lookout for new books, especially relating to the topics I've written about here. If you have book recommendations, please email them to me.

The posts in question

Bacchus and Jungian Individuation

// self-explanatory title, really

Determinism, Entropy, Noumena

// some thoughts on determinism, noumena, comparative spirituality


// some thoughts on apologism of the non-christian variety and dissociation and agnosticism

Baseless Dogma

// I initially entitled this "human subjection tainting the divine" but that felt too wordy


// thoughts on whether religion is an "instinct", and also my dysphoria

Ancient and Primitive

// thoughts on sexual selection and dysphoria